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Exhibitors Information

Our Vision
We also present work to the public at the Cornerstone Church at 300 Saxon Gate, the City Church.  This is managed and curated by Jane Charles and Yvonne Elliott – both Residents and volunteers of Arts Central. We see this as a great opportunity for member of Arts Central and the creative people of Milton Keynes to have a stable and central space in Milton Keynes to show their work and we look forward to seeing what creative ideas can be devised.

Gallery Information

About the Space
The Cornerstone Gallery is interesting: we have approximately 30m of wall space 2.5m high.  There is also space around the extensive windows where some work can be hung or sculptural work can be exhibited. The gallery space is almost all lit with natural sunlight during the day and then down lighters during the evening.

Selection Criteria
The Cornerstone Gallery will be organised through a combination of Open calls for work and solo or group exhibitions.

Proposals are invited from individuals and groups based in Milton Keynes and the local area. We would also consider exhibitions from out of the the area under special circumstances.

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

• The quality of the project and the work to be exhibited
• The quality of the supporting information/material supplied

How to Make an Application
If you would like to apply, please complete the application form at the end of this document.

Application Deadline
There is no closing date, we welcome applications throughout the year. Successful applications will be on a first come first served basis unless there is call for a cancellation.

Selection Process
If your proposal is successful you will need to:

• Complete a contract for the exhibition
• Supply copy for a press release, a 100 word summary and any visual material required for our website, newsletters and social media.
• Be responsible for any copyright permission required for visual or written material.

If your exhibition proposal is accepted it is your responsibility to:

• Supply a complete list of works to be exhibited
• Supply details of how the works will be installed (including materials) to be reviewed and approved by the Arts Central team
• Organise transportation of your work to and from Cornerstone Gallery
• Bring sufficient tools to hang/install your own work
• Arrange your own insurance for work on show
• Install works with care and due consideration to the space and others using the space
• Take down work within 2 days after your exhibition has closed to the public and return the space to its original condition (NB. A condition checklist will be provided)
• Design and (print) own marketing materials, ensuring that they comply with Arts Central Cornerstone Gallery branding guidelines.
• Return the gallery to it’s original state and cleanliness at the end of the allotted exhibition.

Gallery Opening provision
It is solely the responsibility of the exhibition individuals to co-ordinate with the AC team  and the Church building manager regarding the opening of each exhibition. The volunteers and the Church cannot be held responsible for escorting visitors up the gallery.

Space will be made at the North entrance of the gallery to set up a table where visitors can be welcomed and the person who is on ‘duty’ can work from. This is where visitors will arrive either by lift or stairs.

Private Views
We have access to the balcony on the 1st floor for Private views but due to the nature of the building and the extensive use it has on Sunday’s and during the evenings with the music service, we only have this facility on Monday evenings and during school holidays times. Therefore private views will have to be arranged with support from the Church buildings manager and the Arts Central Team.

It is the Gallery’s responsibility to:

• Provide daytime access to the space for install and take-down (NB. From 9am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday only)
• Support the marketing of the exhibition by including it on the Arts Central website, social media and in its E-newsletter
• Provide installation guidance / support when required.

Please note:
We recommend that you visit the space and make yourself familiar with its hanging restrictions before submitting a proposal. Also, groups are responsible for ensuring that the work meets Arts Central Gallery’s policies on health and safety and installation.  It will be at the discretion of Arts Central Gallery team to see that these policies are adhered to.

Commission and costs
We have agreed that the Church will receive 10% of any sales taken during an exhibition.

Open calls will ask for a small donation to cover hanging costs and upkeep of the space.

Supplementary Information

Project Space Technical Details
Walls: Skimmed concrete
Floor: Carpet on concrete
Roof: Plasterboard
Power: Sockets at the beginning and end of the gallery only
Access: Via main Church entrance on the ground floor and then the lift or stairs upto the 1st floor gallery.
Heating: Integral heating from the church
Dimensions: 32m of wall space in a curve with some hanging space in the window
Storage: There is no storage at the Church All materials and unused work must be removed from the space when not needed.
Toilet: Male and female toilets on the 1st floor, disabled toilet on the ground floor.
Plan of the site. Please note that the church is entered on the ground floor at the front and that the gallery is on the 1st floor around the cloisters.

Requested exhibitions
The ministers at the Church have requested that twice a year we offer an Open Call for work in response to the seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter.
Therefore for approximately eight weeks of the year, the gallery will not be open for individuals work, but a group collaboration in which the exhibition will be curated by the Arts Central team. But of course, the calls for this work will be open to all.

Contact Details

Cornerstone gallery team
*Arts Central
106-108 Saxon Gate West | Norfolk House (3rd Floor)
Central Milton Keynes

If you would like to discuss ideas for a proposal, please contact
Email: cornerstone.gallery@artsgatewaymk.org.uk
Telephone: 01908 241122

Thank you for your application.
Please email the completed form to cornerstone.gallery@artsgatewaymk.org.uk
We encourage all applicants to send additional material in support of the application. JPEG files, URL links etc. are welcome.

Download Application Form

Current Exhibition

Previous Exhibitions

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