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Exhibitors Information

Hello and welcome to the Arts Central Gallery! If you are interested in exhibiting your work please see the information below:

Gallery Aims:
To promote and give an opportunity to showcase work by visual artists in Milton Keynes.

Gallery Information

Joss Whittle

Arts Gateway MK
Norfolk House East (3rd Floor),
106-108 Saxon Gate West,
Milton Keynes

07821 269222

There are 3 main walls used for the Arts Central Gallery. Each is roughly 21 foot long and 8 foot high. 

All artwork must be provided ready to hang (ideally framed). Artwork cannot be stuck to the walls. We cannot guarantee artwork that is particularly heavy can be displayed, as the picture rails may not be able to support it.

As a rough guide the gallery can accommodate 15 – 20 small to medium artworks or 10 -15 medium to large artworks.

You are more than welcome to see the space in advance and decide how your works may be displayed.

Hanging the artwork:
There will be 1-week in-between exhibitions and this time will be used to take down the previous exhibition and put up the next one.

Exhibiting artists will need to arrange with Joss the times which they can hang their artwork and take it down again. No artwork should be removed until the exhibition has come to an end even if sold.  There may be exceptional circumstances.

We want as many people as possible to attend each exhibition and see the artwork. We have 3 main ways of doing this:

  1. Arts Central Events:
    Our aim for every exhibition to shown at the same time as an Arts Central event such as a ‘Mingle’ or a ‘Showcase’.
  2. Private Views:
    Each exhibitor can arrange a private view of his or her work. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to organise this however Arts Central will be able for offer assistance and advice. Private views do require effort to get up and running but are the most likely way to sell artwork and for lots of people to see your work.
  3. Gallery opening times:
    The gallery will be open to the public on weekdays from 12-2.

Exhibiting your work at the Arts Central Gallery is completely free although Arts Central takes 20% commission on all works sold. This is considerably cheaper than commercial galleries. You will also need to become a MEMBER of Arts Gateway MK.

Promoting the exhibitions:
Although the promotion of each exhibition is up to the individual artist, Arts Central can help. We have information from previous exhibitions and provide contacts and design templates to assist you in spreading the word. Please speak to Joss about this.

Additional Information:
If you wish to see the space or for any queries please contact Joss:
07821 269222


Past Exhibitions

4th November 2017

Naomi Johnson Exhibition & Private View

“Great British Fauna”

A collection of colour pencil portraits illustrating the wildlife of Great Britain.
The Exhibition will run from the 28th of Oct to 15th Dec 2017.
Private View – 4th Nov 2017 – 7.30pm to 9 pm – RSVP here or by email: info@artsgatewaymk.org.uk

NRJ Art & Commissions

The gallery is open for viewings between 12 and 2pm every day.